Are you prepared for Brexit?

Have you or your colleagues attended any of the Brexit workshops and seminars offered by Enterprise Ireland, Bord Bia, Revenue or the Department of Agriculture? It’s not too late! Please see recommended websites at the foot of this newsletter to assist with any planning needs you may have. Also, see our first Brexit newsletter for other recommended websites.

” As an Irish Company trading internationally for the last 12 years, we understand the importance of good working relationships with overseas partners, and that is why we have prepared ourselves for the possibility of a Brexit no deal after 29th March 2019.” 
-Terry Allen, Hawthorn Logistics Director

Customs representative

Traders importing to Ireland from the UK have not required any Customs procedures since the late 80’s so having an understanding of Customs requirements was not previously a consideration. Traders are now faced with a situation where their movement of goods between the UK and EU will become subject to Customs control. Traders do have the option to appoint a Customs representative to assist them with Customs compliance but it is the trader who is ultimately responsible for compliance with Customs law and legislation. Call us on (01) 8991101 if you have a requirement for Customs representation.

Import tariffs from the UK

Please be reminded that in the case of a ‘no deal’, Irish imports from the UK could well be liable to import duty and VAT, and likewise, Irish exports to theUK could well be liable to UK Customs import duty and VAT. Consideration should be given to understand the cargo Incoterms when planning to trade with the UK, after Brexit, so that it is clear which party is responsible for the imports duties and VAT. Current Incoterms can be found at

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