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Customs Information

Customs rules and regulations can be a minefield for those not familiar with them.

Here at Hawthorn Logistics we have a very experienced Compliance Group that can ensure that all requirements of your destination country are complied with by advising on the country specific requirements and assisting in completing any necessary documentation.

The rules and regulations can and do differ depending on the country you are going to.

  1. Europe :
    All movements within Europe are classed as “FREE”. This means that you can freely move your personal belongings within those countries who are members of the EU. There may be some restrictions concerning vehicles or other goods but these can be sorted out relatively easily
  2. Rest of the World :
    All other countries will have some form of import regulation. Some will be more onerous than others.

Our team will provide you with the detail on a country by country basis when you are making your booking or enquiry.

  1. Ireland :
    Should you be moving to Ireland from abroad (outside of Europe) you will be required to fill in a “Change of Residency” form (see downloads).