Road Freight

Road Freight

In today’s world, we are all conscious of the effects of global warming and of trying to reduce our carbon footprint. One way to do this is to carefully choose your ground transport provider. There are now many responsible providers who manage their routes and fleets in the most eco-friendly fashion possible. This includes providers who use double deck trailers, or providers who will, where possible, use smaller vehicles rather than the normal juggernauts. Best of all , are the companies who believe that one of the most effective methods of reducing cost and climate change is to get the job right in the first place.

At Hawthorn we work with a select number of providers who fall into this category. We can provide a full Pan European Groupage or Full Load Service  both outbound and inbound using a hub and spoke system which maximises the vehicles capabilities while keeping costs down.

Our services include

  • Pan European Export / Import Services
  • Scheduled Services to / From Europe
  • Daily UK in / out Services : 24 & 48 hour options
  • Door to door Service
  • LTL & FTL as well as Lo/Lo and Ro Ro options
  • Full Island of Ireland Coverage
  • Dedicated, Flexible Operations Team
  • On-Line connectivity to Customs
  • Competitive Tariffs from 0 – 1000++ Kgs
  • Packing / Crating Services available
  • Customised Reporting – PODs etc
  • Full consultancy Service available

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