Useful Tools

Volume Calculator
To calculate the required volume for your shipment or the chargeable weight for the various transport modes.

Download an excel document volume calculator here

Conversion Tables
Confused about international standards, measures and conversion rates?

We have compiled a form for basic conversion rates, standards and measures of surface, volumes, weights and ratios, so you can make an accurate calculation of your requirements.
Insert your detail in the appropriate cell and our interactive tool will convert for you.

Download our conversion tool here

Container Specifications
To calculate the type of container you may require and the maximum payload than can be loaded into the various types of containers

Download in pdf format here

Incoterms 2020 are internationally accepted commercial terms defining the respective roles of the buyer and seller in the arrangement of transportation and other responsibilities. They define when the ownership of the merchandise takes place and are used in conjunction with a sales agreement or other method of transacting a sale.

Download a complete description in pdf format here

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